Whaling techniques were brought to Iceland in the late nineteenth century primarily by American and Norwegian hunters.

A ban on all whaling was enforced by the Icelandic Government from 1915 until 1948. After 1948 Iceland resumed commercial whaling.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) was established in 1949 and Iceland became a member from the outset.

Whaling vessels docked in Reykjavik harbour

Iceland stopped commercially whaling in 1990, and resumed once again in 2006.

Iceland has conducted two research programs: one between 1986-1989, which focussed on fin and sei whales, and other between 2003-2007, focussing on the minke whale.

Today, Icelandic whalers are allowed to take 154 fin whales and 216 minke whales per year.

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